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Best affordable dog and cat wormer

Why choose Biheldon?


Biheldon has high safety index and rarely causes any side effects


Biheldon successfully removes Tapeworms, Hookworms and Roundworms


Biheldon is a very affordable wormer that is made in Europe at the highest standards.

Biheldon works for both Dogs and Cats

Designed to be given by the pet weight, Biheldon really stands among the best wormers. 

Biheldon removes all the intestinal worms from the first time! All you need to do is to give Biheldon every 3 months if you have adult Dog or Cat.


What you get when you order Biheldon?

Biheldon is a really fantastic dewormer – it comes with scored tablets that makes it easy to give the correct amount if you have a smaller dog.

  • There are 30 tablets in 1 box
  • Instructions in English
  • Biheldon is suitable for Puppies, Adult Dogs and Cats
  • Fast dispatch + tracking number
  • Safe and Effective wormer
  • Discounts for loyal customers

Still having doubts? Look below for some testimonials and our happy customers count

Happy Customers
"Now you can afford to worm your dog and cat regularly I am so glad I decided to look for wormers on the net. The wormers from the vet were so expensive at £3 per tablet and I have four animals to worm...I have to say that the price was so prohibitive to regular worming but since I am now able to by these 'Biheldon' wormers that are broad spectrum; killing a wide range of worms and their nematodes (eggs), my animals are getting treated regularly. Do they work? well my cat was eating three small tins of food a day, she is back on one tin daily and is not continually yowling for more food. My dogs are glossy coated and not coughing anymore...seems like they work pretty good to me. I have given some to my neighbour for her cat and also a friend for her dog...I think that they may decide to buy Biheldon wormers in the future. What's not to like? Fantastic value, happy animals and great protection against worms and the instructions are in English so you can't go wrong."
Good job that men or women with more than one dog, can affordable treat their dogs. Too many medical requirements for dogs are prescription only, , meaning you've to attend vetenary surgeries & pay ridiculous & unrealistic prices for dog treatments.
Have used this product it the past and it's excellent also very good value for the price,have used on three dogs ones a puppy and none of them have had upset stomaches or sickness from them
Seems very good value a fraction of what local vet suppliers rip people of for
The product is excellent and keeps my dogs worm free. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who has dogs or cats.
does what it says and worms your pet instructions are in English. I've used this product for 3 years in my breeding kennels
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